Sacred Space, The Inner and the Outer, Crowdsourcing Selfcare

I put my candles on my altar-windowsill, my north-facing bedroom window (my “spiritual growth” direction in Feng Shui), and left for the afternoon.

When I came home and entered the bedroom, I laughed out loud!

Here’s a closeup of the left one. Dying swan, anyone? Or maybe a snake.

I’m loving how I run into unexpected differences, although this was, of course, entirely predictable (even facing north).


Before I moved in here, it was very clear to me that I wanted this to be a sacred space. I envisioned a quiet, beautiful, well-ordered space, tidier than some of my spaces have been, from which I could move forth into the world, and into which I could receive and welcome other people while protecting my own energy. An outer space to reflect and co-create my inner space.

That’s what I’m creating. It’s also an opportunity to learn things about myself. For example, that I don’t necessarily want matching crockery!

There’s somewhat of a theme to what I picked out, although the top right green-bordered white ones I bought because they are identical to some I bought in Homer, AK–in that case I got a kick out of matching. But the floral one on the right is an English china Wedgwood; I was channeling my mum when I picked it out. And the small squared glass saucer is something my English grandmother would have had.

The other side of sacred inward space, though, is going out into the world. Especially having been so busy recently, I realize I haven’t done so much of that. Going out into the world requires some support, especially with some of the challenges I deal with. I’ve been resisting the urge to crowdsource my therapy by venting on my blog or bleating on Facebook. But I can see why my doctor was so concerned that I have care set up before I arrived here. I still don’t. And in the recent stressful time my eating issues have driven me almost crazy. What I’m doing right now feels better to me but I know (because I told Phil about it, sorry Phil) that my friends would not think it’s a good idea. That’s all I’m going to say. I think I’ve talked inappropriately about such issues on this blog before, and I hope the fact that I’m consciously (and conscientiously)¬†not¬†doing so now, while admitting that there’s an issue, will reassure people that things aren’t so bad.

I am on my way to getting some care stuff set up. I’m excited to be part of a community (Facebook, virtual, actual, and all) where we all listen to and take care of each other, but not as a substitute for medical care. And I’m here to listen.


  • Stephanie says:

    Yes, mix matched plates are the best! and those candles gave me a laugh too :)

    • It’s funny how the plates can be mixed and yet somehow congruent… The candles were hilarious, even though it shouldn’t have been a surprise.

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